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Why Startups need to Revamp Employee Training

In today’s times, understanding the need for updating the training programs with the growth of the business is important. If your newly setup business is already offering training opportunities to employees, you’re already ahead in your game. But revamping the training program with relevant updates is crucial to adjust to the changes and evolvement of your business.

This becomes even more crucial if your goal is to engage employees better and ramp up productivity. Reevaluating the training programs and other development strategies is important to ensure it is aligned with the growing and improving business running strategies. If you fail to find a more suitable employee training plan, you will notice how all training efforts will eventually start to fail in providing the right learning experience to your employees and helping them with skill development.

Here are the top reasons why re-evaluating and updating your employee training program is imperative.

Change of Leadership

This is the most obvious reason out of all. Of course, the change of leadership will lead to many other changes in the company. Most likely, the change of hands could also cause a change in the focus of the business. Some skills could become futile as the values of the business are altered.

It’s important to understand this shift and the changes that will follow to switch the focus of training in the right direction. Make sure to factorize things like innovation and cultural diversity before considering more suitable training programs.

Rapid Growth

If your startup is growing at a rapid pace, it’s likely that the current skills and learning become obsolete in the near future. Before the growth outpaces what your employees are capable of, it is important to upgrade to more suitable training programs.

It’s one of the most cost-effective methods of coping up with rapid growth and embracing it with the right approach. Some organizations may, however, prefer hiring new talent to deal with the pace. But the cost and time required to onboard new employees can be quite overwhelming. Instead of risking a burnout of employees or loss of opportunities, introduce the upgraded training programs right away keeping your business needs in mind.

Change of Strategic Plan

It’s very common for startups to try out different strategic plans to run the business before they’re finally set on one. Revamping employee training becomes necessary if you’re deciding to change the strategic plan and go another direction.

Changing strategic planning definitely requires different skills – for both managers and employees. So if you can foresee such changes happening soon, it’s time to readjust the training and development programs accordingly. With the new vision in mind, retool the employee training methods to stay on track to make the new plan work.

Remember when Netflix decided to introduce its own content instead of continuing with streaming and DVD businesses; it definitely revamped its employee training program to accommodate the new approach and vision.

Innovative Approach

It’s common for startups to keep a very generic approach when it comes to employee training. We don’t blame them; it’s a pretty overwhelming approach to design a training strategy that’s suitable for every department or employee.

However, you need an upgrade if you’ve been following that tactic too. Settling for a generic and static training plan for every member of the company can kill the purpose of skill development. Training that’s designed for sales representatives may not be suitable for customer support representatives. While there are fundamental training programs that every employee should be a part of, focusing on providing a more relevant training program to different departments is a more effective approach.

You’re aiming to improve every employee in their own particular field instead of whisking all the ingredients in one bowl.

 Outdated Content

Sometimes, the problem will be with the content itself. If the content is boring and outdated, it wouldn’t help any employee with skill development or learning. The key is to recognize when you’re overdue for a revamp. Outdated skills can actually affect your employee engagement and can cause monotony. Disengaged employees often end up seeking better job opportunities.

So make sure you’re offering what’s trendy and modern. Focus on the learning points and the actual content. For instance, a training session on ‘modern methods of communication’ should include upgraded instant messages without the mention of ‘faxing’ as one of the methods. Stick to the content that makes more sense to the employees today.


The key is to take action as soon as you notice a problem with your training program. If an employee training program is not benefitting the employee or the business, it’s the waste of time, money, and energy. A good alternate is an income-driven repayment plan. Do not let a useless training program linger. Revamping employee training doesn’t only help with learning but also improves employee morale, help with employee engagement, and can also translate into a high ROI.