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Employee Incentive Programs for Workforce Development

Despite the hardships and turmoil your company has faced throughout the years, you’re proud of the fact that through it all, your workforce has relentlessly worked to overcome all challenges. For their hard work, you want to do all you can to show them that their determination has not gone unnoticed. But, how do you choose employee incentive programs that would properly deliver the message?

Best Employee Incentive Programs

The occasional pizza party or an annual company picnic does work well. But keep in mind that these are basic options. If you truly want to recognize, retain and reward your gifted employees, here are some effective incentive programs you could go for!

–        Unlimited Sick Days

Have a star employee who’s completing their shift despite having a persistent cold? Give them proper time off so they can treat their flu. There’s nothing more unprofessional on the management’s part than having an employee work when you clearly know they won’t be able to give their 100 percent. Not to mention that they might end up spreading the flu to other people in the office. Give your sick employees paid leave so they don’t feel like they’re being penalized for being sick.

–        Last Week Off for December

Unfortunately, this isn’t applicable for retail, call centers or restaurants. However, if you have an office-based business, there’s no reason why you can’t give them the time off during the two major holidays in the last week of December. Allowing them this time with their families will help them recuperate from the stress of their busy last month, and give them more energy when they come back a week later.

–        On-Site Masseuse

Sitting in front of the computer, 8-9 hours day can be disastrous for your musculoskeletal system. But, if that’s the system your company depends on, then at least lighten the load on your employees by providing them with an on-site masseuse so they can straighten out their cricks and knots. Your employees will have better focus and will feel comfortable as well.

–        Opportunities for Personal Growth

Work can become stagnant overtime, no matter the nature of it. If you see your star employees lagging in terms of creativity and growth, set aside an amount of money and let them know that it can be used to further their personal growth. Guitar lessons, skydiving, yoga lessons, graphic designing, photography—whatever their interests are, let them explore it all.

–        Flexible Schedules

A common practice in the commercial industry, flexible schedules are fast becoming the incentive of choice for most businesses. Even if you’re not employing students part-time, you’ll still want your workers to benefit from flexible schedules so they can balance their personal lie and goals accordingly. Giving them the chance to design their own work schedule will not only make their life easy, this’ll allow them to move forward their own personal targets, such as a postgraduate degree that they didn’t have time to pursue before.

–        Health and Wellness

Your employees’ mental and physical health matters. If you see visible signs that employee morale is at an all-time low and more people are taking sick leaves than before, take this matter seriously. Employ an in-house therapist so your employees can have internal support. Partner up with a local gym and give your workforce a discounted membership. Invest in their health and well-being.

–        Allow Relaxation Time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Don’t force your employees to work all day every day because you know they have the potential to do so. Pushing them to work till they drop is not a healthy option. Give them the chance to take a breather and allow them to relax at the end of the day when the work is done.

–        Surprise Them

Host a surprise dinner or lunch and let your employees relax for the day. Organize a party and bring in a favorite food truck or catering service. Make this day off a happy time off and let your employees know that while this one day might push back on their productivity by a bit, knowing that you have such a dedicated team more than makes up for the day lost.

Taking Initiatives on Employee Incentive Programs

Give your employees the importance they deserve, and not just by increasing their pay. Go for unique benefits such as free personal finance guidance (how to refinance parent plus loans etc.) Let them know that you’re investing in their future happiness by adding these incentive programs consisting of the best employee benefits to the plan! You see a massive change in their attitude toward the company, and improve employee morale while you’re at it!