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Best Employee Benefits for Growing Workforces

Larger companies such as Google offer free childcare, massages and even nap areas for day naps. Smaller companies offer workers compensation, student loan assistance and even seasonal activities! So, if you’re boasting about the fact that your company offers free coffee, that’s not a good human capital management point, especially if you’re trying to improve employee morale and attract good candidates via the best employee benefits.

Best Employee Benefits for Growth and Engagement

Basic holidays and beverages aside, your company needs to offer something more, or at least along the same lines so your business can be thought of as a viable place for a job by the growing workforce.

What Employees Want in terms of the Best Employee Benefits

Table tennis and a tea station are very much down the list of benefits that most employees as for. Of course, they’re not unwelcome. But if you want to maintain your reputation as a good company to work for, here is a list of benefits employees will actually be attracted to:

–        Flexible Work Options

It shouldn’t matter how the work is done, only that you receive it before the deadline. Your employees have hectic lifestyles to manage.

By offering them a flexible work option, you’ll not only make their life easier, you’ll have fewer employees taking days off as well, which will help maintain productivity.

–        Healthcare Options

With costs rising day by day, you need to offer your employees proper health coverage. But not just inpatient care though.

By providing them with health saving accounts, you can not only provide them with better control on their healthcare plans, you can help them save money, which they would actually be diligent with.

–        Options for Commuters

For many employees, their work day starts very early, mainly because of their long commutes.

An already stressful part of one’s daily life, the effect of a bad commute only gets worse once your employee comes in and their boss gives them a disapproving look because they came in late.

If you know your staff has plenty of commuters, offer transportation options, be flexible with your time and understand that this is an inconvenience no one can control.

–        Holiday Perks

Did you know that most people don’t use all their annual holiday leaves because they’re often discouraged from doing so?

The butts in seats approach may be great for improving productivity, but it does a number on your employee’s health and wellness.

So, swallow the bitter pill and accept that your employees need their days off. Push them to take their annual leaves so they can rest, assure them that for you, their health comes first. Give your workforce the time they need to recuperate from their work.

Even if they’re doing something they love, your employees will not understand how much they’re driving themselves into the ground because of their work schedule.

–        Focus on Health and Wellness

Yoga retreats, an in-office gym, healthy food options, surprise days off—there’s plenty you can do to make life a whole lot easier for your employees.

As a business, it’s essential that you keep the work going. But you want your employees to be at their peak as well. Focus on making the environment as positive as you can. Hire a certified therapist for the workplace.

Allow managers to give time off to someone if they’re going through a rough time due to a personal problem. And allow your staff to benefit from those days away. Discourage the unhealthy practice of silent disapprovals on employee days off.

–        Allow Career Development

If you’re worried that your employees will leave once you help them improve their skill set, that’s on you. Your job is to make your company environment positive and engaging.

If you add career development opportunities to that mix, you’ll create an even better environment for your current employee base!

Introduce tuition programs and certification. Offer mentoring programs for junior employees by bringing in senior employees, pay for online courses so your employees can learn new tricks. Do all you can to further their talent!

Provide the Best Employee Benefits for the Best Growth

Your employees want to feel like they belong. But they won’t experience that if you don’t invest in their future.

So, take the right step, and implement these employee benefits in your company structure. Invest in your company’s success.